About This Site

This site was originally created by Philippe van Acker, mundanely known as Shawn Vincent. It is currently maintained by Kaðlín Ragnarrsbondi, mundanely known as Karen Peterson.

In case you're wondering where a lot of stuff went....well, I asked Shawn to archive it for posterity because he really did put a hell of a lot of work into it. And then I got rid of bunches. Lots and lots of bunches of stuff. I have a vastly different philosophy toward web work then does our former web minister. I like to keep it clean and simple, and grow when it's needed by it's users.

Comments, Compliments, and Criticisms of this site are welcomed, and will be carefully considered.

Copyright Notice

Copyright is retained by the original authors where noted; all artwork is provided copyright-free from Dover Publications or Kyl's Medieval and Fantasy Clipart page; all non-attributed material is copyright © Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog, 2000-2002. For reprint permissions on attributed material, please contact the author [where applicable] or the Web Mistress for further details.


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The Device of Bryniau Tywynnog

last updated:December 7, 2001