Scholars' Hall Private School

Contact Information

Address: 888 Trillium Drive (at the Bleams end of Trillium).

Google Maps - direct link to address


From in town: take your best route to Hwy 7/8 and Homer Watson. come south on Homer Watson to Bleams, and turn *right* onto Bleams. drive through two lights as you go a kilometer or two further west. Trillium Drive will be on your left (The third lights from Homer Watson).

You can also come down Westmount or Fischer-Hallman to Bleams, and make the *left* onto Bleams, looking for Trillium Drive on the right.

From the 401: exit the 401 at Homer Watson Blvd, and head north (turning right at the light onto Homer Watson). I think it's *7* sets of lights that puts you at Bleams - you'll know you're in the right place when you see Budd plant on your right, the Kentucky Fried Chicken ahead of the intersection on the right, and a wooded lot on your left. turn *left* onto Bleams. Go through two lights, and look for Trillium Drive on your left (third light).

Scholars' Hall is on the left a half-kilometer or so down Trillium (#888).


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Last updated: January 10, 2012