Canton Offices


- The Seneschal is the administrative head and legal representative of the canton, and typically is responsible for coordinating the group's other officers. Our current Seneschal is Eyrny (Kathleen Gormanshaw) The handbook for the office is located here.


- The Chatelaine is the officer in charge of new members, managing loaner garb, organizing crash space for those who need it, and the like. Yoshikuri Nagayo Dono (Brendan Smith) is our Chatelaine.


- The exchequer is treasurer for the group. This person collects money, writes cheques (that are signed by another designated officer in the group as well), and writes quarter and annual reports for the group, the barony, and the kingdom. Our curent exchequer is Siobhan (Ellen Bleaney)


- The Marshal is the officer in charge of the canton's fighting: in particular, safety and training. Our current Marshal is Edward the Red ( The handbook for the office is located here.

Rapier Marshal

- The Rapier Marshal is the officer in charge of the canton's rapier combat: in particular, safety and training. The handbook for the office is located here. Our current Rapier Marshall is Eyrny (Kathleen Gormanshaw)

Archery Marshall

- The Archery Marshal is responsible for all archery and thrown weapons activities. Currently this office is empty, care to volunteer?


The Herald is the officer in charge of registration of names and devices with the SCA College of Arms. Heralds also make announcements in court, at events, and elsewhere. Our current Herald is Lady Symonne de Brienne (Lianne Maitland)


The Chronicler is the officer in charge of the group's newsletter. Through the Chronicler, the group's history gets recorded. The Canton's Chronicler is Yoshikuri Nagayo Dono (Brendan Smith)

Minister of Arts and Sciences

- The Arts and Sciences Minister is the officer in charge of providing support for members in their creative activities. Our current Arts and Sciences Minister is Sara Backa. More on Arts and Sciences in Bryniau can be found here.

Web Mistress

- The canton Web Mistress is solely responsible for maintaining a recognized website for the canton, and is responsible for upholding the policies for society-recognized websites set down by the society's Electronic Publishing Manager. The Web Mistress is also responsible for fostering the submission of educational and entertaining information for the group's website Our current Web Mistress is Kašlín Ragnarrsbondi (Karen Peterson) Please feel free to email Kaðlíin with any corrections or updates to the website.


- The Democrat is reponsible for organizing public demonstrations of the local group, for public relations, public education, and recruiting purposes.

Deputy Seneschal

- The deputy seneschal is responsible for serving as a backup when the seneschal is unavailable and other such duties as the seneschal dictates. The deputy seneschal position is currently open.


- the Chirurgeon is responsible for first aid activities at all local SCA events. Currently this office is filled by Garwig der Waffenschmidt.


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last updated: July 9, 2009