About Bryniau Tywynnog


About Bryniau Tywynnog

The SCA has been around in Kitchener-Waterloo consistently for almost eight years, and off and on several years previously. In its current form, the local branch is known as the Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog. A "canton" is one name for a local branch.

We have been active during that time within the community in a number of ways - we do a phenomenal amount of work with the Waterloo County School Board, doing demos for public schools where the medieval unit is taught; we are also long-time participants in the City of Waterloo - University of Waterloo Canada Day festivities. We have done a medieval faire on the Island in Victoria Park for three years in a row now (when the weather has participated), and have been involved several times with Kitchener's Artsfest.

We have also made frequent appearances at the libraries and community centres around town, and can sometimes be seen at local pubs and restaurants, or on the street en route to local events or meetings, in full costume.

Our meetings and practices are open to all; anyone wishing to attend an event is given all the help they need in borrowing or making an outfit to wear, as well as a crash-course on basic medieval etiquette. In addition to meets and practices, we have "special interest" nights, where local members meet in each other's homes to discuss common topics of interest, from vintning and brewing to costuming and research, from armouring to making and playing medieval games. These are also open to all interested parties.

One other point - the SCA in Kitchener-Waterloo is not hard to miss ... if you know where to look. Following the example set by a number of American groups, the local SCA has adopted a contact telephone listing which is hard to miss and harder to forget - look up, or call Directory Assistance for, the listing for one "Lionheart, Richard T.". This will always get you a number which belongs to one of the local members, typically one who is equipped to answer most of the basic questions an interested party might have, from booking us for a demo, to finding out when and where the local meetings are held, and how does one attend? - written by Karen Murphy


The People of Bryniau Tywynnog - including officers, members, and the rest of us!

The Canton Archives - archives of goings on in Bryniau, the canton's newsletter, the Phoenix, and other things from our distant and noble past.

The Places of Bryniau Tywynnog - how to get all sorts of places.

Arts and Sciences in Bryniau

Calendar of Events

Martial Activities

The Canton has an extremely active public demo program. In addition to the annual Forward Into the Past Collegium (which is held for the general public), we run many school demos throughout the year. We also will do demonstrations for groups, and the occasional University demo.

If you are interested in having a demo for your group or class, please our Demo Coordinator.



Business Meetings

when: First and third Thursdays of every month, 7:10pm
where: Scholar's Hall
contact: the Seneschal, or phone Richard T. Lionheart (in the phonebook).

Fight Practices

when: Every Thursday at 7:30pm
where: Scholar's Hall
contact: the Fighting Marshal.



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