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Welcome! Here you will find A&S articles published as the whim and submissions dictates. All A&S articles, poetry and ongs (especially written in a period style) and artwork are welcome.

The current article is The Empty Place - a sestina, written by the Lady Alyce de Sheppey .

Previous Articles:
Conquest Era Clothing, by Mistress Rylyn
Spinning and Weaving Resources, written by the Lady Arnora Dunestan (Karen Murphy)

Submission can be sent via e-mail or by regular mail. E-mail is the preferred form of written submission and please send as a word doc attachment or in plain test. Artwork is best if submitted in hard copy form, as some graphics programs do not open cleanly. The following is my contact information:

Karen Peterson

Please include the following permission form with each submission:

ie: I am Jane Doe (known as Jane Tudor in the SCA) and I give permission
for the Canton of Bryniau to publish my article called : "Yeast Breads of
Early Scandinavia" once on both the web site and in the yearly printed
digest. Otherwise, I retain all rights to the article.

Thanks and enjoy!

In service to the Canton,



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