Articles on Developing a Persona

Now that you understand a little bit about the SCA in general, how about refining the scope of your involvement, by focusing on a time period which most interests you? Pick a time and place, perhaps some appropriate activities which interest you, and use that as a springboard for a little bit of research.

What would you have worn? Where would you have lived? What would you have eaten for breakfast? And how do you go about researching all the fine details of medieval characters?

This page is awaiting articles. If you wish to write one, we'd be happy to host it here, whether you be from Bryniau or abroad...

In the meantime, a very good place to start is the articles on persona in Cariadoc's Miscelleny. Cariadoc of the Bow, Knight, Master of the Laurel, Master of the Pelican, and Duke has done some very fine work.

locally written articles:

Who Are You: The Art of Persona Development - by Lady Arnora Dunestan


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last updated: April 23, 2009